Katy Trost is a Professional Certified Coach through the ‘Institute For Professional Excellence in Coaching’ (IPEC), ACC accredited by the ‘International Coach Federation’ (ICF), and a contributor to Forbes Magazine. She specializes in working with Type-A personalities on leveling up their performance, increasing their capacity to lead and scale their company with less overwhelm.  Her extensive knowledge and understanding of psychology and neuroscience combined with a deep passion for business and leadership led her to work with entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs. Her personal journey of mastering stress, burnout, and achievement addiction enables her to facilitate others in transforming their perspective, performance, and peace of mind. 

Born and raised in Germany, Katy spent four years traveling internationally, which impacted her mindset through exposure to different cultural perspectives. Through her research on how the brain manifests stress in the body, she was able to heal herself from years of chronic pain. Losing her mother to cancer at a young age reinforced her ability to operate and manage negative stressor. Additionally, Katy has spent multiple months in Buddhist monasteries studying the mindfulness teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh and Vipassana, learning how to implement them in order to improve performance and balance in life and business. She’s an expert at navigating her clients through the process of building systems and adopting new attitudes to ensure sustainable professional success and a healthy work-life balance. Katy currently resides in New York City.


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