For as long as I can remember, I’ve been incredibly curious about how our minds work and how we can each master our life by changing the way we think and feel. I aspired to create a life that fulfills me on the deepest level and inspires others to live with passion and joy.

Ever since I left my home country of Germany I’ve traveled to over 30 countries and picked people’s brains about their dreams, what they most want for themselves, and how they would love to lead more inspiring lives. I wanted to know why some people are fully alive and others, no matter how good their life looks, never feel content. I was certain that the answer to the problem of feeling stuck was to be your own boss, travel around the world and have financial freedom. Therefore I wanted to show everyone how to build a remote business, work from anywhere and live in the most beautiful places. That, to me, felt like the biggest success.

However, the moment I created that for myself, I realized that no matter how amazing my life appeared to be, there was still something missing. Longing for a sense of deeper fulfillment, I constantly felt like there had to be so much more to life than just this. I realized that successfully reaching my goals was just a way to distract me from what was really going on within me. After a while, all my worries and doubts would return. Despite living the life of my dreams but still feeling incomplete, I realized that I must have taken the wrong approach to creating fulfillment.

I took a journey of self-discovery, became obsessed with finding out what I had to do and how I needed to live in order to discover emotional-wellbeing. I came to understand that the only way I could change people’s lives was to help them change themselves. To help them master their minds and thoughts and to look at life in a completely different way.  The way to fulfillment is not a journey to a destination, so chasing goals and ticking things off a success list for the purpose of finally being satisfied sets us up for misery.

Through Coaching, ‘The Coaching Journal Podcast’ and anything else I offer I will help you lead a stressfree life, move your team and business forward and make an impact.

I’m thrilled you’re here and I’m excited about the journey ahead!




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