The following books I’ve either read and loved or they’ve been recommended to me by people I trust and I’ve put them on my reading list. There is no specific order and I’m aiming to keep this list updated, add new books, and scratch the ones that didn’t meet my expectations. If you have more recommendations, you can send them over at

Organizational Development


Leadership Development


Personal Development


The following tools and software I regularly introduce to my clients or they’ve been recommended to me by people I trust. If your are a CEO or senior executive they are worth checking out and possibly implementing into your organization.

Company Offsites

In addition to 1on1 engagements, I work with executive teams and facilitate quarterly strategy offsites.

For Accelerators

I partner with growth stage accelerators to advise on program design and coach their cohorts.

For Investors

I partner with top-tier VC firms to support their portfolio companies.


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