“As someone who is always looking for ways to improve my performance and always willing to try new things to get an edge, I decided to work with Katy to see if she could help. Despite being fairly skeptical at first, Katy actually helped me develop new tools and processes which has brought about strong overall improvements in my productivity, efficiency and output. I found Katy to be direct, honest and insightful which is what I was looking for. Highly recommended.”

Rob Lloyd

Partner at Crake Asset Management, London

I’ve been working with Katy for over 9 months and looking back on what we’ve accomplished during this time is truly remarkable. Despite my doubts about the leadership development industry, after our initial conversation, I became curious about what coaching could do for me and my company. Since Katy has been running her own business from a young age and doesn’t come from a typical consultant background, she was easily able to emphasize with my challenges as a founder CEO.

Every entrepreneur knows the challenge of having to split their attention between executing and strategizing. Working on the business and looking ahead oftentimes gets neglected due to daily firefighting. We try to make it happen somehow, but often lack the structure and tools to simplify and focus on what’s truly important. During the past 4 years in business, I’ve lost endless hours to inefficiency and lack of clarity, while drowning in chaos. Other than Katy, I’ve never been 100% transparent with anyone about the challenges of the company. Not everything is meant to be shared with a team, investors or even friends. With all of this responsibility, having someone in my corner who only has my best interest in mind was a game-changer.

First, we focused on improving my personal effectiveness, structure, and leadership abilities. We worked on everything from time management, productivity, and goal-setting to emotional intelligence and the impact it has on decision making and communication. Through increasing my self-awareness and learning how to manage my inner critic, I am now able to bounce back from stressful situations much quicker. We then went on to optimize the business itself, setting a clear strategy for the long term and for this year and streamlining processes. Using the 10 Rockefeller habits to evaluate execution, I learned that there is so much unrealized potential in most businesses. I now understand the importance of a high-level vision, purpose, and values and then creating a clear plan to achieve that vision. 

Partnering with Katy has made me a more focused and effective CEO while reducing my stress levels significantly. I benefited not only professionally but we’ve smoked out personal issues that have been influencing my business decisions. I recommend Katy to leaders who find themselves challenged by rapid growth or who want to get the most out of their company without sacrificing their life. Since working with her I’ve started seeing the value of having access to someone outside the company who objectively evaluates and optimizes the performance of the business, the team, and myself as a leader. Thank you, Katy!

Mischa Olma

Founder and CEO WoodBoom, Germany

“My coaching experience with Katy was truly exceptional! I found Katy’s article online about Type A personalities and entrepreneurial anxiety. I could easily resonate everything to the life I was going through. I was going through a lot of issues as the business was growing and there were countless challenges ahead. And I was trying to catch everything and control the outer world while I was not being able to stabilize the inner-self. I was totally burned out! She helped me during a very difficult situation. Most importantly, she helped me to realize what my goal is and where I had the conflict with my own dream and the actions I was taking. Without her help, I don’t think I would be able to get back to a normal life and live my dream. I had a dream but I didn’t know how to get there. I was hustling all the time but getting nowhere. Since working with Katy I have been able to stay calm under pressure and solve problems creatively. Now, I feel truly unshakeable. I have no hesitation recommending Katy to anyone who is looking for a better life. Look forward to working with you in the future, Katy. Thank you again for your help. You are a superstar!”

Nirmal Gyanwali

Founder and CEO Nirmal Web Studios, Australia

“As far as I can remember I always thought coaching is not for me but when I got her offer I thought to myself: “Well I should try, it can’t be worse than bad and I have nothing to lose.” After five years of psychotherapy, I was interested in how coaching works and BAM! This lady kicked me to move forward in one session than all five years of psychotherapy. Katy has a very special quality. It’s an energetic vibe that brings you into movement. A vibe that is so full of love and appreciation for you and at the same time so consequent that you for sure take at least your step into action. For me personally, I can say since I met Katy my life changed. For the better. For the best. Through her help and love, through her commitment to being there when I was facing my fears and my void, she built my core stronger and gave me the knowledge that I for myself am able to change my world and make it the place I want to live in! Love and gratitude”

Brita Corzilius

Entrepreneur, Germany

“Working with Katy opened up my life in many ways. Her probing questions would lead to wonderful visualizations that she patiently guided me through, creating profound memories and sensations that I still revisit. She has a way of bringing out things that you don’t recognize yourself. And she challenges you to face things that you don’t want to. Above all these wonderful skills, her enthusiasm for the work she does is beautiful. You feel that she is rooting for you and her excitement is contagious, encouraging you to create the life you dream of. I admire her for the way she lives what she preaches. She certainly is a doer and you will find yourself actively creating the changes you want in your life with the energy she brings. Katy is wise beyond her years and I highly recommend working with her.”

Taylor Arjinder

Entrepreneur, United States

“Ever since I met Katy I could sense her intuitive and bright mind. She was able to help me move through some situations I felt stuck and couldn’t see a way out. She coaches me now on a regular basis and I always benefit from her support. I am a type A personality and tend to overthink and overanalyze. She helped me be more leveled and calm in my thoughts and gain more control over my feelings. I have a stressful lifestyle and many new challenges almost on a daily basis. Katy is really helping me to move through stress and anxiety and find ways to take care of myself in a sustainable way. She is a passionate and energetic person, able to be my cheerleader and inspire me to pursue my development and growth in my business and life. This is what I truly need from a coach. I am absolutely grateful I had the opportunity to meet her and work with her. She is an incredible person and I would absolutely recommend working with her. Don’t hesitate- give your life and career the chance to transform and become what you’ve always wanted to be. ”

Vanya Lazarova

Founder and Coach LiveAuthentic, United States

“My time working with Katy was truly eye-opening. She has a can-do, no excuses attitude that she blends beautifully with pure compassion to create a holistic coaching experience. Katy is a coach for taking action; if you want to get shit done, go to her! In just one session with Katy, I was able to gain huge perspective on a problem I had been struggling with for months! Thanks to her insight and radical honesty, I moved through excuses and into reality, which is something I really struggle to do on my own. Thank you, Katy!!”

Yuki Knapp

Founder and Coach, United States

“Katy is a very confident and comfortable coach to work with. It was my first experience, so I was the one feeling nervous, suspicious and weird about it, but Katy made me let go my mixed emotions straight away. It was just a great conversation – and on the way I got my life organized. Now it’s been several months after we had our first session, so I can really see the long-term result. I never had the same emotional problem again – thanks, Katy! And I can only recommend doing this in an online setting because I saved so much time on commuting and got the same very personal experience. Couldn’t be better. 5 stars!”

Maria Sirotkina

Founder Restation, Russia.

“I’ve known Katy for over nine months and had lots of coachings during that time. Every single coaching brings me a big step forward – she understands to ask the right questions at the right moments and has excellent skills to handle my fears and doubts. Without her help I wouldn’t be where I am today – thank you so much!”

Florian Wittmann

Webdeveloper, Germany

“The coaching with Katy was awesome. You can really feel that she lives what she teaches and it was also a great addition to another coaching I did before as it gave me a deeper insight into PD. As a result, I was able to soften some blocks that were holding me back from enjoying what I already do.”

Pascal Basel

Webdesigner, Germany

“I’m aware of how valuable professionally and helpful working with Katy was. After some time has passed since we’ve worked together, I can retrospectively say that she is a turbo boost. She gave me valuable and practical tools and it’s really hard to use them without her support. Her questions, inspiration to bring things to the point are great and with a sense of ease. I thank you from my heart Katy and I hope we’ll cross paths again in the future.”

Sandra Schwarzmaier

Entrepreneur, Germany.

“Rarely does one meet and have the opportunity to work with someone like Katy. She has a unique way of combining her classroom training with the knowledge she has gained from spending multiple years traveling the world! She offers practicable and actionable steps for leaders within organizations of any size that desire to drive ongoing success. In her work, Katy leverages her coach training credentialing, and global work with clients representing multiple industries and cultures, that will support and inspire the savvy leader who works with her!

Janine Schindler

Founder JAS Leadership, United States

“I have approached Katy on many occasions when I’ve felt stuck making some important decisions. Katy’s ability to listen, acknowledge and questions are superb. I felt like she not only understood from my point of view but felt my experience with me. Super bubbly and non-judgemental, her approach works well for creatives like myself. I would highly recommend Katy to coach and inspire clients to take some important actions to achieve their goals.”

Harry Q

Founder RunUpstream, United Kingdom.

“I wanted to get some independent and informed insight into the two possible career pathways. Katy very quickly helped me to what I really want to do with my life versus what I feel like I should be doing! Katy helped me to accept my own choices and feelings as being valid, through her really personable and warm coaching style. The whole experience of my coaching calls was extremely positive and I would absolutely recommend Katy to anyone looking for a safe and welcoming environment to work things out together.”

Fran Cousans

Entrepreneur, United Kingdom

“When Katy met me, I was in a strange state. Not a bad state, but unlike what I would think is my “usual self”. Whilst I felt that there are many things to be grateful for in my life, and my career was progressing, I couldn’t help but feel lingering feelings of self-doubt or that I had somehow “got ahead of myself”, that maybe I was a fraud and that someone would find out that I wasn’t as good as the positive feedback others had given me or that I had somehow “lucked out” or “faked it to make it” this far. People I deemed as more senior or superior to me, I would shy away to make space and become a shell of whom I usually am. Even in what were safe groups of friends, I noticed that I no longer felt safe or comfortable in my own skin and became more self-aware and became sensitive to harmless jokes. Whilst it may be appropriate in some cases, what I realized was that I wasn’t my authentic self. What’s more, I was not even conscious that this was even the scenario as it was all unconscious until Katy provided tools and techniques to reveal them.  

Like a story of your life that beautifully unwinds at the right moment and pace, Katy’s coaching leads the protagonist (you) through a formulaic series of learning building blocks chapters if you will, unravelling “ah ha” moments by walking you through a journey to help understand yourself and its impacts and relationships to how you view yourself and how that affects all interactions and throughs around you. Each coaching class builds on foundations taught in prior sessions, at a comfortable tailored pace.

From the minute you meet, Katy brings a jovial, easy going, comforting presence that sets the safe energy zone to help you grow. Each story/session can be different, but each seems to weave you in closer to understanding what it is that blocks you and Katy helps provide the tools to remove them. You leave each session spellbound with new tools and techniques to practice and to immediately apply in real life. The feeling of seeing the world react and shape to your new skillsets is something that you cannot wait to share with Katy at the next session. Learning these very powerful, yet easy to learn abilities/processes/tools that can be applied to multiple scenarios is simply a game changer for those looking at breakthroughs. Katy had simply cracked the Da Vinci code! Many thanks for everything you have done for me.

Kim Nguyen

VP Project Manager HSBC Bank , United States

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